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It is more important than ever to ensure that you have appropriate insurance policy in place at the time of your holiday is confirmed, you must make sure that its adequate and suitable for your particular needs, if you failed to take out necessary insurance cover and subsequently you have to cancel your booking, you will be charged with in accordance with our cancellations policy and you may be unable to recover any losses, in additional to that if you require medical, illness , death or any other form of assistance whilst holiday you may not be covered.    

Personal Injuries | Lose or Damaged - Your safety is our priory and we will do everything to keep you safe and secure but unfortunately some time things can go wrong. Your holiday is made up from local service provided according to the local safety standard generally regards as much lower than UK or EU standard. If anyone travelling with you suffers injuries, illness or death because of the service provided as part of your holiday, you must tell us and supplier involved to complete a report of your accident at the time.

Transport – Public - If your package comes with train travel, please ensure that you have carefully read and accept all the terms & condition, health & safety policy of Sri Lanka Railway before using the train service. Using their facility or traveling on the train that your own risk, we (Visit Sri Lanka tours Pvt Ltd) will not be held for liable in the event of any injury or death caused by train travel. We advise you to obtain private travel insurance policy to cover such event. http://www.railway.gov.lk/

Excursions (please note that entry fees to the attractions are not included in our package) - Please note that we do not operate or managed any attractions. We may introduce you to supplier of excursion or other service provider, if you decide to buy one of those services you must pay the attraction / service fee directly to the supplier and you will be contracting with supplier / service provider directly and bound by their service agreement.  We act only as an agent and have no liability for the performance of the contract. Our agreement doesn’t apply to any contract for excursion or other service. You must request, read their health & safety procedure and comply fully for your own safety, We (Visit Sri Lanka tours Pvt Ltd) will not be help any liability in the event of any injuries/death or damage caused by third party service provider. We advise you to include such activities to your insurance cover.

(Excursions: including but not limited to Temple visit, Jeep Safari, Hiking. Waterfalls, Whales watching trip)

Payments - Payments must be made at least 8 weeks before the holiday unless this is within 8 weeks of your holiday; if you have paid deposit at the time of booking then you must pay in full at least 8 weeks before the holiday to secure your holiday.

Cancellation – Package holidays - If you wish to cancel your holiday you must tell us as soon as possible. Cancellation fee will be depends on how long before your holiday you cancel.

 Package holiday Cancellation fee

Cancellation fee of your holiday price

      How long before your holiday you cancel

 61 days or more
 10 %
 60 – 46 days
 30 %
 45 – 31 days
 50 %
 30 – 15 days
 75 %
 14 – 0 days 100 %

Cancellation – Transport service, excursions – If you wish to cancel your transport or excursion booking (without accommodation) below cancellation fee apply

 How long before your service you cancel

 Cancellation fee of your booking price
 7 Days or more
 0 %
 7– 4 Days 50 %
 3 Days or less 100 %

Events Beyond our control - Example of events beyond our control are: including but not limited to, war, riots, civil disturbance, threat of war, any form of terrorist activities, industrial dispute, fire, natural disaster, severe weather conditions or impact –disruptions caused by such weather,  health risk or any restriction order placed by government.

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