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Foods and drinks
Please note that No Smoking / foods or drinks are allowed apart from bottled water. 


All our buses are fully Air-conditioned and has no toilet facilities, during the long journeys we aim to stop at motorway service where possible. 

Real time tracking system

Book Sri Lankan Coach and Bus tickets online

The coach is the best mode of transport for you to travel around Sri Lanka. If you are looking to buy tickets for your next coach journey, look no further. We now sell long distance coach tickets to most major tourist destinations in Sri Lanka.  Our intercity coach services provide comfortable, safe and reliable service, through our easy to use online booking system. To find the coach tickets, simply click on "book Now" above.

Boarding | Departure
Passengers must arrive at the boarding point at least 30 minutes prior to departure time allowing enough time to validate your tickets and load your baggage. failure to arrive on time will be treated as no show , (No refund will be given) Please have your passport with you for the boarding. 
Our priority is to take you to your destination in a timely manner but your safety is our first priority we take safety first approach, therefore, arrival times stated is approximately and is for guideline only. We have very carefully selected drop off points where you will have local tuk tuk service available to continue with your journey. 

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Our staff will be more than happy to assist you with Loading/unloading your luggage for you but please note, it’s the passenger’s responsibility to keep/take all your belongings with you when leave the coach, we can only carry standard travel baggage, no oversized goods.

Lost Property
Visit Sri Lanka tours does not accept liability for left baggage, any lost items that are found on board are handed to the lost property team at the starting point of the coach and you will need to contact us and arrange collection to retrieve your property.

Unfortunately, we are unable to help you further if your property has not been handed in to the lost and found team. 

 On board baggage handler