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Booking Terms and Conditions
We (VSLT) can book your complete Sri Lankan holiday or part that suit you (excluding air travel) from accommodations / private transfer / meals /airport transfer (Taxi) / coaches and Train tickets or much more but not air travel either international or domestic

Depending on which product or products you choose to book, your terms and conditions will vary therefore please refer to the relevant product(s) terms and conditions you intent to purchase.

We are trading from 249 Cowley Drive, Woodingdean, Brighton, BN2 6TG, East Sussex, UK, having is registered Office 71-75 Shelton street, Covent Garden, LONDON, WC2H 9JQ. Our agreement with you set out to indicate what you can legally expect from our package holidays, therefore we kindly advice you to carefully read our terms and condition of package holiday bookings

Booking made with us 
Regardless whether you book as individual or group we will only able to deal with lead person, who will received all the correspondence from and can only be discussed any  amendment, cancellation or any other relevant matters regards to your booking, we have right to asked your personal details to verify your identity before disclosing any personal / travel details. You must be minimum 18 years old at the time of booking. You should take full responsibility of accuracy if personal details or any other information’s provided for yourself and others (If you are booking as Lead person of the group travel) failure of such could result of disrupting your travel plan / not been able to travel, in the event of such no refund will be awarded. All the traveller's must have valid document to board on trains / buses/ to collect your valid travel documents

In addition, if your holiday includes a train ride/ taxi transfer, you are also responsible for (a) notifying us prior to the time of booking of any personal circumstances which required special assistance with reduce mobility.

In addition, if you have booked airport transfer with us, you should take full responsibility of notify us (where possible) if your flight is delay more 60 minutes or cancel, failure to do so will treat as no show and will apply 100% cancellation fee.

While we are doing everything we can do to keep our customer's safety, it is a condition of booking with us that you and all your team members, including infants and children, are adequately insured on holiday. Any children in your group must be supervise at all the time ,Any person who is under 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult on his or her journey. While you are using third party facilities (accommodation, trains, coaches or taxis) you must take full responsibility of your health and safer and follow all applied health and safety polices as per provider, in the event any personal injuries / loss or damage to your belongs this should address directly with your service provider while you are at their premises, we will not take any liability of your lost / damaged using such services,

There may be other restrictions and conditions regards to your health and safety, you should fully comply with their polices and procedure during stay/ travel / using attractions or any other activities you intent to undertake not limited to but including, walking, hiking, climbing, swimming, traveling.

Once you booked with us, we will confirm the booking and then will set aside your chosen accommodation, holiday or transport for you. We may not be able to confirm some of or all of our ground arrangements straight away (requested accommodation, tours / transfer etc). In these occasion’s we may issue a confirmation Invoice. However, a contract for arrangements that have not been confirmed on that invoice will only be made when we have sent you written confirmation that those additional arrangements have been completed.

In some occasions there will some change to any of the details discussed at the time of booking, before the Confirmation Invoice is issued, we will notify you promptly of any new or changed details, including but not limited to accommodations, transport we will do everything possible to replace your product / service life for life where possible, in such event we will notify you immediately,

If any detail on the confirmation / invoice is not correct, tell us immediately. If there is an obvious error on the documents / Invoice we reserve the right to correct it as soon as we become aware of it,

all fare and prices we advertise on our product / services are accurate at the date published, but we reserve the right to change any of those without prior notice. But the service you have booked and confirmed will remain unchanged

If you have booked and have paid advance payment to your product and service, and decide to cancel we have right to apply cancellation fee, accommodation cancellation fee 50 to 100%, train travel 100% coaches and taxis 15 to 50% fare published and administration charge and any relevant travel agent’s commission is included within these amounts.

If any of the costs detailed above decrease before your departure date, you will not be entitled to a price reduction. Same time if any increased of price of the products / service you have booked; you will not be asked pay any increased cost will be borne by us.

Should you instruct your financial institute e;g; credit/debit card company / PayPal to “charge back” any payment(s) properly due from you in respect of your booking, we will charge you any associated costs. We further reserve the right to cancel your booking and/or take legal action against you for all outstanding payment(s). 

In the event of we have to cancel your booking due to the unavailability or any other matters relating to our third party operators

We aim to provide best suitable product/holiday/service unless otherwise you will be entitle for full refund. But if you have not paid full price on time, we may cancel your holiday / transport booking and cancellation administration fee apply.

We may also cancel your / group holiday / coach service when there are not enough people booked and we have notified you of the minimum number required. In these circumstances we’ll let you know best available alternative unless otherwise you will be entitle for full refund.

(In the even above circumstances, we will not pay any compensations for your lost which you may arrange any connection service with our holiday / transfer service / trains / Coaches or taxi.

If the any third party services you have booked cancel or disrupted severely,
If you book any public transport from our website to travel in Sri Lanka e;g Trains / buses there services are beyond our control, we only act as agent to get your tickets reserved and we do not play for any part of their operation / service and those are out of our control,

If we have acted as agent to reserve your ticket and have provide you with tickets/ passed booking details to you, then at this point we consider as we have fulfil our service to you.

In the event of any unforeseen circumstances including but not limited to, cancellation, delay, natural disaster, public unrest or industrial strike, terrorism activities,  you should comply with operators terms and conditions of the booking, and if you are entitle for any claim, you should obtain/ apply claim directly form the operator while you there, we VSLT will not be liable to compensation / refund for your inconvenience, or will not be able to arrange any alternative arrangement, if you do not agreed with these Terms and conditions you should NOT book any public transport service from our website.

We will provide support and advice or any information we received from the operators regards to the service you have booked disrupted but we cannot always guaranteed that we will be able provide such information in time. 

If we have to change your holiday / transport service
we have no intention of changing your holiday / transport service unless we have to

because our holidays are planned in advance, we sometimes do need to make some changes due the changes of availability / supplier or change of law, in the event of such we reserve the right to do this at any time.

We will inform you about any important changes when you book or by in writing If you have already booked, we will let you know as soon as we can, if there is time before your holiday start.  Trains / Coaches timings shown by us are for guidance only and may change occasionally,

Trains / Coaches
If we are unable to provide a seat that you have paid for, we will refund the amount you have paid fully. Your Invoice will show the latest planned timings departure. Your actual train/bus/coach timings will be shown on your ticket (including any M-ticket), which you should check carefully as soon as you receive it an contact us immediately if you required any clarification,

Contacting us after the travel date / time, we will not be able to help you nor will entitle for the refund

Supply of train tickets
These Terms and Conditions (which incorporate our Privacy Policy and Usage Policy) set out the terms of our contract with you in relation to our supply of any ticket that you purchase using the Booking Service. If you do not agree with these terms, you must not use the Booking Service.

Your train journey The train operating companies with whom you booked tickets through this Booking Service are responsible to you in respect of the provision of the train journey you have booked. All bookings made through the Booking Service are subject to the Sri Lankan Railway, Rajadhani private carriage,  Conditions of Carriage (explained below) and any specific restrictions imposed by the relevant train operating companies which vary by ticket type.  Visit Sri Lanka tour is therefore not responsible for any delays, cancellations, or other disruptions to train services and we do not set any of the terms and conditions, including eligibility for refunds, of the various ticket types.

Third party services You can buy third party products and services, other than train tickets via the Booking Service. When you make such a booking via the Booking Service, and your preferred product or service is available, the contract for such third party services (for example, Train tickets or hotel bookings, coach tickets) will be between the relevant supplier and you. We are not a party to any such contractual relationship and you should read the terms and conditions applicable to such third party services carefully. Each third party product and service has its own price independent of any other products or services booked at the same time.

Booking multiply train / coach journeys with us
Please note that all the bookings are treated as individual journey (even though you have sent more than one legs (route, journey) together in one order, all the available route/journeys will be process and only unavailable legs will be refunded)

Please note If you have send us more one train tickets request (there is no guaranteed of that all those journeys are available but any available journey(s) will be secured and cannot be changed or cancel due to the unavailability of other journey’s.

If you are not agreed with above, please do not use our booking system and source alternative.

By default this Booking Service provides details of trains and fares which represent the fastest published journey times on the date and at the times selected. In some cases there may be cheaper fares available on other operators' routes or at off-peak times, or unreserved seats, We quote prices for, and are able to sell the vast majority of point-to-point train tickets. We shall not be obliged to sell tickets to or reserve a seat for, a person or persons who we have reason to believe may be intending to use it, or the proposed method of payment, fraudulently. You acknowledge that you will be financially responsible for any bookings which are made through the Booking Service using your account details and for all reasonable and foreseeable losses which we suffer as a result of your breach of these terms or your negligence when using the Booking Service (including where you deliberately or negligently let others use your account)

Sri Lankan Railway,
Condition of Carriages: The Sri Lankan Railway (http://www.railway.gov.lk/) Conditions of Carriage (as updated from time to time) sets out the minimum level of service you are entitled to expect in relation to your train journey. View the http://www.railway.gov.lk/  , http://www.rajadhani.lk/schedules_ rates.htm  ,www.exporail.lk/  Where the rights set out  of Carriage are extended or restricted by the train operating companies with whom you may book tickets through this Booking Service, details of these extensions or restrictions will be provided to you with your journey summary prior to purchase.  Sri Lankan Railway of Carriage entitles Customers to the same levels of compensation or refund entitlements regardless of where they purchase their ticket.

Issue of tickets: Some tickets have limited availability. Although we check availability before quoting the fares, we cannot guarantee the availability of such tickets until you confirm the details of your journey immediately prior to payment.  We take all reasonable measures to ensure that the times and fares quoted on our Booking Service are correct. However, despite our efforts, we cannot guarantee that all of the information on our Booking Service (including times and fares) is correct, as our source data is provided from a third party rail information provider. Where we become aware of an error, we will take reasonable measures to rectify it. If you have purchased tickets which are subject to an error, we will contact you as soon possible. When we have confirmed your booking by email to your registered email address, we will fulfil your tickets to you using the fulfilment method ( text/email) you selected when you made your booking. Please check your tickets when you receive them. If you believe that the tickets we have sent you and do not meet the information you provided at the time of booking through our Booking Service, please contact us. 

Passport - ID for collection
You must ensure that you are in possession of Passport that you have used to book the tickets on. If you cannot produce a valid (same passport that you have provided during the booking) ID which you used to book the tickets? you will not be able collect  your tickets , you will not be able to amend / changed your passport details once the booking is completed,, You must ensure that you are in possession of the tickets booked before you board the train or if you cannot produce valid ticket for the class of accommodation and service that you are using, you will have to pay the appropriate fare on the train and a penalty fare may also be payable. the train operating company and the ticket inspector reserve the right to refuse to accept your ticket to the extent that it is unsatisfactorily displayed or to the extent that we or they have reason to suspect that a fraudulent use of booking confirmation, transfer to a different person, or other abuse or reproductions, copies or counterfeits of any ticket are in circulation.

Getting your tickets:
We offer a range of methods to get your tickets. Reference number to collect your tickets at the counter/ Printable M-tickets, deliver to your hotel etc, The particular options offered for your booking may differ depending on various factors, including ticket type, train operator, method of purchase.  You must obtain/ validate your tickets prior to boarding.

Collecting tickets at the station: 
For many bookings we allow you to collect tickets from a range of stations. You must allow sufficient time to collect your tickets before boarding the train. You must have your ticket collection reference, and (unless stated otherwise) the ID / Passport used to make the purchase as identification. You should provide same passport / ID to collect your ticket, You should note any special collection instructions given during the booking process, for example the station opening hours. If you are unable to collect your tickets (for example due to the ticket machine(s) being out of service) then you should contact the station staff for further assistance, all the M tickets / the paper tickets denote passenger ID/Passport number and passengers must carry one of the following ID to collect paper ticket at the counter prior to boarding on train and as per SLR lead passenger must accompany the rest of the passengers throughout the journey. E-Tickets are non-transferable and you must ensure that no one else is able to obtain and/or print a copy of your ticket. If tickets have been booked for more than one passenger, all passengers should travel together and the passenger who booked the tickets must carry identification in their name.
Night trains
We only book 1st /2nd and 3rd class sleeperette (Recline) seats ( We do not take any booking for  Berths due to the reported poor hygiene standard )   
In addition our T&C all the train tickets are subject to the the Sri Lankan Railway terms and conditions

Order placed to travel within 30 days of booking - Changes /Cancellations / Refunds
PLEASE NOTE THAT SRI LANKAN RAILWAY DO NOT ACCEPT ANY CANCELLATIONS / REFUND OR DATE / TIME /CLASS CHANGES. Therefore once you send us your booking, no refund/cancellation allowed. Please read the full terms and conditions of booking below. if you haven't received emails form us in timely manner (within 48hrs of placing your order) then please check your spam folder or contact us minimum  24 hrs prior to your journey enabling us to help you , contacting us after the travel date/train journey  does not qualify for any refund or cancellation and will treat as no-show, therefore if you have any concern about the tickets that you have booked ? you must contact us prior to your train journey, 
Order placed for more than 32 days in advance - Changes, cancellations and refunds:
If you have placed your order more than 32 days prior to travel date and now its under 32 days and have received your booking confirmation . please note that once the booking is confirmed – tickets are non-refundable / tickets can not be changed or cancelled. ​(We) Visit Sri Lanka tours CAN NOT refund  or cancel your tickets for the bookings which has been already completed  (We are only third party booking company and do not play any role of managing / operating the railway) therefore according to the T&C of the train company, these tickets are non-refundable, Please allow our emails to your inbox. if you haven't received emails form us in timely manner (within 30 days of your travel date) then please check your spam folder or contact us minimum 2 days prior to your travel date enabling us to help you , contacting us after the travel date  does not qualify for any refund or cancellation and will treat as no-show, therefore, if you have any concern about the tickets that you have booked?  you must contact us prior to your travel date. 

Cancellation / Refund /Amendment for the advance booking, before completing your booking (bookings waiting to process)
If you have send your booking request in advance we will do the needful to place your booking in order to secure your booking as soon as reservation open, if you have changed your mind before we completing your booking and wish to change the destination / train/class etc, we can amend your booking request at any time without any fee, BUT if you wish to cancel your booking completely then this will be subject to 30% administration charge been applied, this is to cover the cost involved for admin works.​

Compensation and Refunds for delayed or cancelled journeys:                                                                                                                       
If the service on which you have booked to travel is cancelled or severely disrupted due to the any events which are beyond our control, you may be entitled to Partially compensation or a refund in accordance with Sri Lankan Railway terms & condition,  you must claim your refund at the station or contact directly Sri Lanka Railway. In the event of you have no access to the station or ticket counter to collect your ticket, you must collect your tickets from nearest Mobitel centre and apply refund at the station, as soon as they resume their service. above policy apply to any evens which are are listed 

We Visit Sri Lanka tours' will not accept any liability for delay, cancellation or disruption (including, industrial dispute, natural disaster) to any service you may have booked with us (http://www.railway.gov.lk/), If you disagreed with any of above terms and conditions , please do Not use our services , those conditions / policy are set by train operators not by us (VSLT).

Important Note – Events Beyond Our Control 
The Events beyond our control include but are not limited to:  riots, civil disturbances, terrorist activity and its consequences, industrial disputes, natural disasters, fire, health risks and unavoidable and unforeseeable technical problems with public transport (Trains / Buses) for reasons beyond our control or that of our suppliers; closed or congested railway stations or potential severe weather conditions, and any other similar events. Such circumstance no refund or cancellation possible from us VSLT,

Fares are depend on the type of train / class set by Sri Lankan Railway and booking fees (e.g. 
(1st class £10-£15) (2nd Class £10-£14) (3rd Class £10 -£13) -Fares mentioned is in GBP and must be paid in GBP, 

Fares are including: 1-Ticket (s) 2 -Booking fee of two sub agencies, (Our self (Visit Sri Lanka Tours) and Mobitel Company in Sri Lanka) 3 -20% Service charge 

Why two sub agencies?
A-Sri Lankan Railway operator does not offer any online booking facility 
B-Mobitel Company has sub contract with railway to operate / sale online tickets on railway behalf and add 17% service charge 
C-cost the phone bill (s) to customer when they call to make the booking, 
D- customer should have Mobitel network mobile with credit to call charges and to the tickets value. 
E-Visit Sri Lanka tour used Mobitel SL from overseas to make the booking on our customer’s behalf. 

Visit Sri Lanka tours pay for following cost/charges before making any profit. 
1-For Train ticket(s), 
2-17% service charge to Mobitel SL 
3-Mobile call charges to Mobitel SL (cost depend on the time taken to complete the your tickets over the phone) 
5-Currency exchange cost Therefore no refund or cancellation possible once booking is completed, in the event of disruptions to the service you have booked, as under refund/cancellations policy you might be eligible ( Decision of Sri Lankan railway)  to claim the refund of just value of  the ticket(s) - this must be claimed at the train station only – YOU CAN NOT REQUEST REFUND ONLINE OR LATER.

Please note that below fares are including tickets price + service charge + our booking fee and other costs involved to process your tickets, which means fares are higher than the actual (SLR) ticket price. you can buy base price ticket (s) over the counter at the station. All our bookings come with reserved seats (including 3rd class).

You must obtain appropriate Travel Insurance prior to travel; we (Visit Sri Lanka tours UK Limited) do not provide any insurance for your loss during, prior, or after train journey.

Liability Disclaimer: 
We will use reasonable care and skill to carry out the ticket retailing services contained in the Booking Service within a reasonable time, in accordance with these terms. We do not make any other promises and no other promises shall apply in respect of the information, products, and/or services contained on the Booking Service. Please note that we are not responsible for any loss or damage which you suffer in relation to the provision of transport services under tickets purchased through the Booking Service (including any delays, cancellation or disruption to train services). Sri Lankan Railway Conditions of Carriage and any further terms and conditions imposed by the relevant train operating company will apply to any transport services provided to you in accordance with tickets booked through the Booking Service, and you should read such terms and conditions carefully.
Other terms: Effect Train Tickets Booking
We VSLT or Sr Lankan Railway may change these terms from time to time. When we do so, we will publish the new version on the Website. Each new version will take effect from the time it is first published on the Website, and from then on will apply to you. However, any changes will not affect existing terms accepted by you when making a reservation or purchase through this Booking Service. When you use the Booking Service,
We will ask you to confirm your acceptance to the most up-to-date version of these terms and conditions whenever you make a booking. If you do not agree to any changes we make to these terms and conditions, you must stop using the Booking Service. These terms are intended by us to set out the whole agreement between us and you and any prior communications between us are not included in this agreement. We recommend that you read them carefully to protect your own interests. If you do not think they set out the whole agreement between us, please make sure you ask for any additional terms to be put in writing prior to making any transaction. In that way we can avoid any problems surrounding what you expect us to do.
We cannot accept any liability for any reliance placed by you on any statement or representation on this Train Booking Service, whether made by us or a third party, except to the extent a statement or representation on this Booking Service is made negligently by us. If any of these terms are found to be invalid by a court or at law then the remainder of these terms shall continue to apply to the extent that they still make sense without the unenforceable term(s). The prices quoted on this Booking Service are in pounds sterling. If you choose to pay for your ticket using a foreign credit or debit card, you will be responsible for the exchange rate and you are advised that changes to your ticket or refunds may be affected by such exchange rate. You agree that no joint venture, partnership, employment, or agency relationship exists between you and us as a result of these terms or your use of this Train Booking Service. Neither you nor we intend any third party to be able to enforce any of these terms pursuant to the Contracts Third Parties.

If you have any Complain
We will take all reasonable care to make sure that all the product and service meet our publish standard and paid and accepted by you using our booking service, but some time its inevitable, if service or product you have purchased fall behind the standard agreed due to our mistake, (made by VSLT staffs) we will refund but its due to the even beyond our control unfortunately we will not be able to award any compensation or refund.

If your complain against any public transport in Sri Lanka which have helped you with reserving tickets, you should resolve this with authorities who provide you the service not with us.

Please note standard of service / facilities health and safety are much lower in Sri Lanka compare UK standard therefore you should consider before purchasing any public service from our website in Sri Lanka.

If you still have any complaint, we will do our best resolve any complaints you may have. We are UK registered travel agent and bound by England and wales court of law

Our Responsibility - Your Holiday 
We will arrange for you to receive the travel services that make up the holiday that you choose and that we confirm. These services will be provided either directly by us or through independent suppliers contracted by us. While we are taking every step towards your safety, however if you are using public transports (Trains / Buses/coaches) we will not take any responsibilities for your injuries or lose while using such a service,

Taxi / airport transfers – in you suffer any injuries due to unavoidable circumstance during transfer, you must follow staff instruction to report such even to local authorities / Police at the time of the event, which will enable to have necessary recorded document to make any claim from your travel insurance, if ignore to report any such event    we will not be able to helps you with any claim.

All our holiday only included, accommodations, breakfast and private and public transport therefore any activities you participate will not part of your holiday and if suffer any injured, falls ill or dies while taking part in an activity which is not part of the holiday, hence we will not liable for any expenses as result of such a event which is beyond our control,   

You must take appropriate travel insurance policy from UK to cover such expense and legal cost.

Excursions during package holidays
during holiday we may introduce you to our reputable third party supplies of excursions

Or other local services, if you chose use them and enter into contract with them for such activities / services, you contract will be with that supplier directly we act only as an (non paid) agent and therefore would have no liability for the proper performance of any health and safety matters

Our terms and condition policy will NOT apply for any excursion you under take therefore you should directly agree with service provider of their service conditions and payments,

Excursions Only
Excursions offered on our website only refer to the transport and accommodations from / to your hotel, but we will introduce you to our reputable third party supplies of excursions

Or other local services, if you chose use them and enter into contract with them for such activities / services, your contract will be with that supplier directly, we act only as an (non-paid) agent and therefore would have no liability for the proper performance of any health and safety matters

If you wish to cancel your booking - tour package
Please note that some hotel accommodations are charges 100% if we have confirmed your booking we may have paid non-refundable deposit against to your accommodation therefore cancellation fee will be depend on the product and service you have booked, please check with us at the time of your booking for further details, any package holidays cancellation can be up to 15 to 65% base on type /time of cancellation.

If your cancellation request received before we paid to any accommodation then only administration fee of 15% apply,
If we received your cancellation request after we paid to your accommodation then 50% accommodations and 15% administration feel apply.

Non Show 100% charge will be applied
0 – 48hrs to departure 100% charge will be applied
Between 3 days - 30 prior to to departure 50% charge will be applied

More than 30 days prior to travel date 20% cancellation fee will be applied

Train tickets,
If you request to cancel your train booking after booking has been completed (or less than 32 days to travel date), cancellation fee is 100% (no refund or changes possible)

If you request to cancel your train booking before (32 days prior to travel date) we complete your tickets, 30% administration charge apply.

Taxi / Airport transfer / multiple days transport service
If you wish to cancel you airport transfer, excursion / taxi or any transfer service you have booked below administration fee apply

Non Show 100% charge will be applied
0 – 48hrs to departure 100% charge will applied
48hrs or more to departure 20% charge will be applied

If you wish to cancel any product or service you have booked, you must contact us as soon as possible. Emailing us requesting cancel your product(s) / service you wish to cancel. We aim to process your cancellation within 7 days of receiving your request (T&C applied) and you can expect to receive refund (if there is refund allowed) back to same card you have paid from, please note that we will not be able send your  refund to any other bank/person than where the payment has been made from.

To cover the administration cost of processing your cancellation, and to compensate us for the risk that we may not be able to resell your product /service, we’ll make a cancellation charge on the scale shown above.

If you need to complaint
You must inform us without delay, taking into account the circumstances of the case, of any lack of conformity which you perceive during the performance of the travel services included in the package travel contract.

If you have a complaint during stay, you must immediately notify the supplier of the service in question such as hotel manager / driver /guide, If they are unable to resolve the problem, you should contact us straight away by phone/email and we will endeavour to assist. If you are still not satisfied then you must write to Customer relation Manager within 14 days

We reserve the right to refuse to accept you as a customer or continue dealing with you if we, or another person in authority, believe your behavior is disruptive, causes unnecessary inconvenience, is threatening or abusive, you damage property, you upset, annoy, disturb, or put any other traveller's or our staff risk or danger, on the telephone, in writing or in person.

As a result of your behavior during any stage of your holiday including on, transfer, in any accommodation, we reserve the right to make a claim against you for any damages, costs and expenses (including legal expenses) incurred as a result, including but not limited to repairing or replacing property lost, damaged or destroyed by you, (ii) compensating any passenger, staff or agent affected by your actions and 

Your Accommodation 
Any accommodation we arrange for you must only be used by those people named on your booking. You are not allowed to share the accommodation or let anyone else stay there. You are responsible for the cost of any damage caused to your accommodation or its contents during your stay. These charges must be met by you and may have to be paid locally. 

Your transport
any accommodation we arrange for you must only be used by those people named on your booking. You are not allowed to share the vehicle or let anyone else to use, you are responsible for the any damage caused to vehicle its contain during your transportation, these charges must be met by you and have to paid locally.

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