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Coach tickets
You can book your coach tickets to travel in Sri Lanka with us, we only have limited seats and journeys, once you send your booking request we will search the availability and contact you with booking confirmation, please note that all the booking are subject to the availability of our coach operator, in the even there is no seat available we will refund you fully, please note that once your seat(s) is/ are confirmed no cancellation / refund possible. 


Please arrive at the boarding point / location at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time, giving enough time to load your luggage etc, failure  arrived on time will treat as no show , (No refund will be given)
Please have your passport with you for the boarding


We will have space for your ordinary traveling luggage, but if you are carrying over size goods, eg surfboard, large boxes we will not be able to accommodate,

Foods and drinks

Please note that No Smoking / foods or drinks are allowed apart from bottled water, 


All our buses are fully Air-conditioned and has no toilet facilities, during the long journeys we aim to stop at motorway service where possible