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How its works?

  • The reservation system is open 30 days in advance, therefore we advice you to send your booking more than 30 before the travel date, this will allow us to secure your place as soon as the reservation opened, The earlier you booked, there is greater the chance of securing your seats, but you can send your booking until up to 2 days prior to travel date.

  • Once we received your booking, we will contact the service provider to process your booking and will send you the confirmation details how / where to collect your tickets, in the event there is no availability we will refund you fully.

  1. Please click on above "BOOK NOW" button and follow the onscreen instruction.
  2. If you book in advance, we will e-mail you the confirmation / reservation number approximately 30 days prior to travel date, if your travel date is less than 30 days, then we will send you the confirmation within 48hrs of booking being received, if you haven't received this by then please contact us.
  3. Make your way to the relevant train station (at least 30 minutes) prior to the train departure to collect your tickets
  4. Provide your reservation number and passport to the RAILWAY STATION ticket counter to obtain the ticket(s) 
  5. Reservation must be minimum 2 days in advance of your desired travel dates. sending prior this does not mean that tickets are guarantee we will attempt to secure your tickets when the sales  open and inform you accordingly. 

Changes /Cancellations / Refunds

PLEASE NOTE THAT SRI LANKAN RAILWAY DOES NOT ACCEPT ANY CANCELLATIONS / REFUND OR DATE / TIME /CLASS /NAME OR ANY OTHER CHANGES. Therefore once you send us your booking or ask us to process with available option, no refund or cancellation possible. Please read the full terms and conditions of booking below.

Please note that below fares are including tickets price + service charge + our booking fee and other costs involved to process your tickets,  which means fares are higher than the actual (SLR) ticket price. you can buy base price ticket (s) over the counter at the station. All our bookings come with reserved seats (including 3rd class).

Please note: All the bookings are subject to the availability of SLR. If we are unable to book your tickets due to the availability, we will refund you fully.