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Q: Where can collect my tickets ?
A: please refer to the confirmation email which will outline the collection information, its depend on the service provider but you can collect your tickets at the railway station regardless who ever the provider. 

Q: What are the opening hours of railway station ticket counter?
A: Colombo fort main ticketing counter should be open 24/7 ,or will open prior to the train depart if its very early morning trains, if you are catching the train from Colombo there will always a counter to serve you prior to the departure. but there is counter 17 at fort station specially for Pre-booked tickets collection during peak hours.

Q: Where  I can collect my tickets 

A: You can collect your tickets at any of major railway stations, including: Colombo fort, Gampaha, Kandy, Peradeniya, Nawalapitiya,Nanuoya, Ella, Badulla, Haputale, Bandarawela, Hatton,  Galle, Wallawatte, Kalutara, Aluthgama, Polgahawela, Hikkaduwa, Matara, Jaffna, Anuradhapura, Vauniya, Trincolamee, Galoya, Polonnaruwa,Valachchenai, Baticoalo, Anuradhapura, Kurunegala,
Q: Can I collect my tickets at the airport?
A: Sorry, tickets can only be collected at the any above mentioned stations. and if you used any third party printing point (Mobitel) you will be more likely to encounter problems and might loose your ticket completely and SLR will not reprint your tickets. 

Q: Which counter at the station?

A: If you are collecting at Colombo fort station then go to the counter 17 ,unless otherwise Please go to the main ticket counter at station.

 Q:  Why do I have to enter the passport number?

A: Your passport will be used to secure your tickets therefore you will need it to collect your tickets

Q: I have entered wrong passport number, can I change it later stage?

A; No, you cannot change it, as we will provide your details to railway company  at the time completion and we don’t  have  facilities to change or railway will not accept any changes

Q: Can I change my travel date / time / train or cancel at all?

A: Sorry, no changes /cancellation possible,

Q: Can I select seats /side of the train?
A: Sorry we don’t have any facilities to select any particular seat/side and tickets will be issued according to availability by Sri Lanka railway at the time of the booking

Q: Why my ticket state different time / destination than I originally booked for?

A: Some time your paper tickets will state time and destination as per train original set off point time and terminate destination, therefore please refer to the time and destination you have booked with us, eg if you book 08:47hrs train from Kandy to Ella, your original paper ticket may print as 05:55hrs (which the time this train setting off at the its origin (Colombo) and heading to Badulla , but this train will arrive Kandy at 08:47hrs and goes to Badulla via Ella.

Q: How do I know which class I have booked?
A: The class you have booked should be stated on your payment receipt unless otherwise agreed.

Q: What are the differences between classes?
A : Observation class = Non AC, reserved only carriage with large window
1st class = Air Conditioned, reserved only carriage
2nd class= Non AC, reserved only carriage
3rd class = Non AC, reserved only carriage

Q: will I get reserved seat for my booking?
A: Yes, all our bookings comes with reserved seat including 3rd class carriage

Q: Do I have to pay for my Luggage?
A: No, You can carry regular traveling luggage but if your luggage is over size you may have to, please speak with raiway staff up on arrival 

Q: Will they be enough space for my luggage?
A: there will enough space for the regular traveling baggage’s but if there are over size then you will have to speak with station staff to sort it out , you may be able to  load in guards carriage

Q: Is there discount rate for children?
A: unfortunately no, these bookings are for the seats regardless age of passenger, therefore if you need separate seat for your child then you will need to book one, however children under 4  years old can travel free in they don’t requires separate seat. 

Frequently Asked Questions